2018 Rising Advocate in Government Law Award Nominations - Coming Soon


NEW: The Government Law Section of the State Bar of Texas has announced that it will be presenting a new award: The Rising Advocate in Government Law Award. This award will recognize an outstanding government lawyer who has provided exemplary service to the profession and the public. The award honors a practicing lawyer employed by the government or employed in a government-law-related business who has made an outstanding contribution to government service and has done so for 10 years or less.

We would appreciate your help in recognizing the most deserving individual for this award. Please take a moment to nominate someone that you know who deserves this recognition. The award will be presented at the State Bar of Advanced Government Law Course, to be held in July, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

The nominee should exemplify the ideals of dedication, professionalism, and ethics in service that have benefited the public or a governmental entity. These factors may include:

  • excellence as an attorney, advisor, or advocate;
  • training or education to the public or bar;
  • involvement in a difficult or important case that advanced a government policy or public purpose;
  • service to charitable or non-profit entities connected to government law;
  • advocacy on issues or legislation of importance to the public sector; and/or
  • service as a mentor or role model for government lawyers.


The deadline for nominations is TBA

2017 Rising Advocate Award: Lauren Renee Sepulveda

Recognizing in previous years the Government Law Council’s recognition of an outstanding government lawyer became limited to lawyers with extensive experience, the Council wanted to also recognize outstanding accomplishments from lawyers who were less experienced, but awesome in their own right.

To recognize these younger attorneys who make a solid contribution while working their way up the ladder the Government Law Council created the Rising Advocate Award. At the 2017 Advanced Government Law Seminar held on July 27- 28, 2017, the Government Law Council was pleased to announce the very first recipient of the Rising Advocate Award.

Showing her outstanding work and dedication as a young attorney in government law, Ms. Lauren Renee Sepulveda is an Assistant Criminal District Attorney of the felony section in the Hidalgo County DA’s office.

Lauren is a graduate of Baylor Law School and joined the Hidalgo County DA’s Offices after graduation and passing the bar exam. She provides her expertise in criminal defense in the Hidalgo County Veterans Treatment Court as well as the Hope Court. She was the facilitator and energy behind many of the initiatives with the Hidalgo County Young Lawyers Association and the Texas Young Lawyers Association. Her nominator asserted Lauren ‘’sets the standards for other young attorneys and constantly inspires us to contribute more to the communities we live and work in.” The Council couldn’t agree more and is pleased to award the Rising Advocate Award to Ms. Lauren Renee Sepulveda.